Automating bad processes doesn't make them good processes

I see a lot of posts here where people ask “how do I do this with UiPath?” when the first question that should be asked is “how do we improve our process?”

For example, posts where people are trying to use UiPath to load data files that are not in a good format. Instead of struggling to parse bad data, improve your process outside UiPath. Get a better file like a CSV or Excel.

Automating a bad process doesn’t make it a good process. Improve your process first, then add automation to the mix.

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You can ask for…but you won’t always get CSV or Excel…I have seen very badly formatted excel …

Say you are working on automating some task with PDF, that doesn’t make it is a bad process…

If they’re giving you a PDF as a data file, then it is a bad process.

@postwick - Then why UiPath has Document Understanding??

To deal with documents. A document is not a data file.

@postwick - That Data comes from the document…

Lot of automations built on Invoice Processing, EDI Claim Processing etc etc on the pdf file…Please go through some videos posted by UiPath on Document Understanding and I can say more than 90% are dealt with PDF.

Invoices are not data files. Invoices are documents. That’s why you use Document Understanding to process them. I’m talking about multirow datasets being presented in terrible text file formats. And that’s just one example of automating a bad process.

Even for your invoices example, you should always ask the question: Is there a better way to get this data?

Process Re-engineering