Automatically using latest published workflow

The idea here is to have a toggle or some ability (admin level) to set a function in orchestrator where it will automatically set any new published version of a workflow to the latest one.

As of now, this is a manual process. In Studio, when you publish a workflow that already exists in orchestrator, you must manually go into orchestrator and click ‘manage versions’ and then choose the most recently published one. If there was some function that could be controlled by an admin and set up to where this could be done automatically instead of manually, it would help keep the versions up to date in the orchestrator tenants where it is desired.

Looks generally good, but I do have some questions that would need solving before this could work safely :

What would be the safety mechanism in case of a needed rollback? Or in other words - how to make the system not override deliberate action?

Currently anyone connected to Orchestrator can publish a package, since its the deployment step that controls what is running. With this setup how would you stop someone from publishing a spoofed project? I mean a project with project.json deliberately set to immitate a different one, since this would shift the control step to a different place in the lifecycle.

Currently you cant update the version if a job is running in an environment. How would it interact with that? Should it keep a queue? What if the jobs are queued in a way that there is always something pending?

Now dont get me wrong - I definitely see something like this useful, especially for automating testing. It’s just a matter of providing countermeasures to make it harder to shoot yourself in the foot with it while keeping intended use easy.

We’ve been considering this.

The best would be to have a switch (autoupdate on/off) at the process level.

This is why this idea is for the moment parked. It will be resurrected only if many users will ask.

Got it. Well, right now, our partner Deloitte is fairly adamant about having this feature, so hopefully more clients will also request it.