Automatically use current user's NT credentials in "exchange" activities

Is there a way for Uipath “exchange” activities (Eg: GetExchangeMailMessages) to automatically utilize the credentials of the current logged in NT user rather than having to provide it in the activity’s properties (Domain, Password, User)?

I am not looking for it to be retrieved from a stored location like an orchestrator asset or windows credential manager.

I am a novice in the forum. Apologies in advance for any conduct violations.

I guess we cannot use the currently available exchange activities to automatically utilize the credentials of the logged in NT user.

The “exchangescope” activity gives that option as per the UiPath guide. link is here

I am quoting the relevant part of the guide below.

“If the User, Password and Domain fields are left blank, and the current user is logged with an Active Directory account, the Exchange Scope uses the credentials of the current account to log in to the Exchange server.”

From my limited understanding of the article, I believe it says, we can use other exchange activities like the “send exchange mail message” inside the “exchange scope” without having to provide credential assuming that the exchange scope will already pass the existing user’s credentials.

However, I am unable to get the desired results.