Automatically start robot on system statup

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to configure some unattended robots to start automatically on system boot?
For example, I have a robot waiting for a particular kind of email to execute some stuff, is there a t when the system boots so that my end users don’t have to do so manually?

Thank you for you help!

Hi @provamo,

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What exactly do you mean by system boots?



I mean “when the operating system starts”

Hello @provamo

You can create a task in windows scheduler and create a batch file to invoke the workflow which you want as below.

C:\Users\pari\AppData\Local\UiPath\app19.7.0\UiRobot.exe /file"D:\UIPath\UiPathFlows\Exercise_Jan20\Main.xaml"

To create task check below.

Oh this is exactly what I’m looking for!
Thank you everyone

Hey @provamo

You can use Task Manager for this.