Automatically send email to recipient advising all outstanding invoices

I’m trying to work out the best way to automate the process of sending an email to a recipient advising all outstanding invoices. The data is supplied in an Excel document so I’m looking at using data tables as part of the automation. I have attached a sample Excel doc capturing some test data.

The challenge I have is in getting Uipath to only filter/select all invoice numbers relating to a specific email address and a specific customer name and including the data in a table within the email. As you can see in the attachment, one customer (Customer 6) can have multiple invoices attached to one email address ( The same customer 6 can also have an alternative email address ( attached to another invoice (inv # 289970). The reason for this is that we deal with different departments from the same customer company hence the different email addresses.

The fields I’m looking at including in the email to the customer are invoice number and invoice amount at this stage. I would really appreciate any ideas and suggestions on the most effective way to achieve this!

Past Due Report_UiPath.xlsx (11.1 KB)

Confirm one thing - For every email ID there is only one customer ?

Hi @kumar.varun2 , an email ID can have multiple customers so it’s a one to many relationship

So, one customer can have many email IDs and One email Id can be related to many Customers?