Automatically run process

How to I upload a process that run 24/7 in Orchestrator?
I have published it to Orchestrator and try to run but it keep saying failed due to unable to find app or UI element etc.
However, my process supposed to start by check any incoming email in my inbox. then it will trigger the process. Currently, my inbox is empty but it keep failing. Hence, I think my upload to Orchestrator could be wrong.


Try to re select the element in sap logon process
One of the activity is getting failed in finding the elements

Cheers @Cari

Hi @Cari ,

We would like to know if you have Set a Condition to Only execute the Next Steps/Trigger Another Process if Only there are Mails Present in the Box.

If you have done it, Could You Please Share the Screenshots of it ?

Problem solved after I reselect every UI element. Thanks so much for your help too.

Thanks. Problem solved

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