Automatically adding values inside of array input of library activity


I have found a bug in new functionality which automatically inputs new values into arrays in argument input of libraries. It was tested on other machines and other accounts. Behaviour is the same.

Studio version: 22.10.4

Many of yo may have already noticed, but when you create an activity which takes array as an argument, if you input some string it will be converted into array item of that type. This started to happen since Studio 22.10 as far as I rememeber.

when you type another string and hit enter, it will be added as next element of that array.

This works fine and I believe will make it easier for a lot of users. The problem arises when you want to delete the element.

Let’s start with the screen having activity with 2 values inside the array argument.

When I delete one of them, there is no visible change in the file (The * does not appear next to the file name in editor and I cannot save the changes).

Even if I save the file, either from UI or ctrl+s the file is not saved and remains in the same state.
If you close and open the file, the second value will repear.

This is solvable by opening advanced editor and changing the values there.

I think this is one of the best for-user features that we got from v.22.10 and it would be nice to fix that.

Thanks for reporting this bug. I verified using our upcoming 23.2 release and this is already fixed.


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