Automatic value on insert in one text to another

Hi As mention in attachment when we insert value in Net Amount then click any where this value automatically pass in Gross Amount.This process when we do manually then this work but when we do by BOT.I am not able to got value in Gross amount.As mention in attachment untitled1 I used send hot key and also click but both did’t work.

Hi @Aditya10989

have you enabled in the Simulate Click property of the click activity? If yes, try doing it without enabling the simulate click and see whether it works.

Yes I try but not work.I stuck in this issue last three days.But did not got solution.
When we insert data in web form there is logic in website when you insert amount in Net Amount and we click any where in website then automatically same value pass to Gross Amount.But when we do by BOT then not work.I used Hot key and click activity to click anywhere So the value pass to gross amount.but value not pass to Gross Amount.Here Gross amount text box is read only if this is not read only then I passed same value in Gross Amount of Net Amount