Automatic method failed to scrape this region

Hey there, I’m getting the error “Automatic method failed to scrape this region”, and “Native method failed to scrape this region” when trying to use any of the Screen scraping abilities. The only one that works is OCR, and it’s not very accurate for what I need.

Similarly, when using Get Text, Get Visible Text, Get Full Text, they yield no results despite my selector being good, and dynamic enough.

The only one that works is Get OCR Text…

Any one have any thoughts? I was working fine a month ago…

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Did we try with COMPUTER VISION activities
With CV Get Trxt activity

Kindly have a view on this

Cheers @Jojo_Stella

I didn’t know about CV get text… trying now!

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That would help you resolve this

I can’t figure out how to specify I want the output to be row(4) - Column 4 ?

I get “Implicit conversions from object to string”. Can’t figure out how to let it allow a string

May I know from where we are scrapping this
Cheers @Jojo_Stella

I cannot share that info I’m sorry.

But that shouldn’t affect using row(4) as an output option. It works on everything else. I’m dropping the data into a google sheet.

Did we try with this

Cheers @Jojo_Stella

Yes, I have done all that. I need to write to the 4th column of the UIpath data table before writing to sheets.

You mean to the datatable at position row(4) and column(4)

Then use a assign activity like this
datatable.Rows(3)(3) = “yourvalue”

The reason for using 3 here is row and column index both starts from 0 for the first row and first column

Cheers @Jojo_Stella

The value is dynamic…

So I’m running through a collection of URL links, pulling data from those sources ,and inputting them into a spreadsheet. The Normal Get full text activity has ALWAYS worked here. I output the extracted data to row(4) of the data table… which is to say row(4) IS the 4th column. UIPath appears to refer to the 4th column Row(column-number-here) Not the particular spreadsheet row.

The bot just fills that in the first empty sheet row in a specified column.

The other day I fired up the bot, and it wouldn’t work. Been trying to fix it since.

Also yes! I am speaking as though the 1st column of the spreadsheet is column “0”

I’ve been using this same bot with get full text activity on this site for about a year now with no troubles until now. I updated all my packages to see if that was the issue.

May I know What was the issue We were getting in running second time
As you say it was working fine for the first time

Cheers @Jojo_Stella

It wasn’t grabbing ANY text like it usually does. So I tried the same method through “Screen scraping” wizard, and it came back with NATIVE method failed to scrape this region.