Automatic "mapping" between project and Orchestrator folder

It would be handy if the project would remember which folder it is connected to. It is easy to change folder manually in studio:
But it is equally easy to forget to change the folder when closing a project to open another, and if you start debug the logs will be stored in the wrong folder, etc. Is there some way to map the process to a folder in project.json, or any other place?

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FOLDER is something a unit of Orchestrator and it cant be modified from being at studio
We can only get the folder details with ORCHESTRATOR API with get method

Cheers @Obsev

Hi, thanks for replying! But I think I wasn’t clear enough.

I don’t want to change anything on the folder or Orchestrator at all. Let’s say you have like this in Orchestrator:

  • Project X in Folder 1
  • Project Z in Folder 2

If you have project X open in studio it is connected to “Folder 1” like this:

If you then close that Project X and open Project Z the studio will still be connected to Folder 1. And this is the small issue I would like a solution for. So when you open a project it will automatically connect studio to the correct folder on Orchestrator(if the user have access, obviously). This manual change is easily forgotten and logs ends up in the wrong folder.


It’s an interesting request, let’s see what others think too. Im curious how many have this particular issue today.