Automated Word Document Creation - Issues

Hi everyone

I’ve searched the forums and couldn’t find any answer so I’m posting my question here.

I am trying to

  1. Retrieve Inputted Data
  2. Open a Word Document that is a template
  3. Replace selected words with in template(base.docx) with Inputted Data
  4. Save New Word Document, (template, base.docx remains in its original state)
  5. Convert (step 4) Word Document to PDF

I have attached my work flow in this post.

Main.xaml (18.1 KB)

My issue is

My workflow is not creating a new word document / pdf instead it replaces words on the base template and generates a blank word document /pdf. Because the base template has been altered with inputted data I no longer have target words.

Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong.