Automated Pop up

How to write a loop for pop up message.

Hi! Can you elaborate?

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1.You can use Message box Activity in activity panel for the pop up box.

2.If you want to show the pop up box in a loop then keep the message box in the Loop and check.

Any doubts let me know…


Hi Vashist.

These message box cant help me, so we are automating with different technology tools pop up.
Eg peoplesoft



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Sorry i didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details for better understanding.


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We are automating one technology workday in that we get pop up messagesqu%201 so , how to write a loop for this cases.

we have to write a loop for upnext as shown in image it should detect that.

Hi, @ nannapaneni_spandana,

if you whant a constant loop in that pop up:

Tq luis i will work on it and i will let u know.

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@ nannapaneni_spandana,


its not working luis.

@ nannapaneni_spandana,


All your popups have same tittle ?
All your popups are equal ?

becouse i have that flow in one machine, and popups only becouse of tittle is dynamic and change all time so you must work it to get all pop ups and it wirks for me

All my popus doesnot have same title and my pop ups are not equal