Automated draft emails are not showing images

Hi all,

Thanks for reading this post. To elaborate, I am currently automating a Bot to draft a large number of emails to be sent out. The template that I am using is a simple word document with an image inside it. The Word document template is saved as a HTML file, which is then read by the Bot and used as the body of the email. However, the image inserted in the Word document is not showing up in the draft emails. The image shows up when I access the HTML file using a browser. If I re-download the image, insert it into the template and re-save it, the image will show up for the initial run. However, the image will not show up for further runs.

I am unable to share the current template nor the pictures being used due to security reasons.

Would anyone happen to know how to get the image to show up in the drafted emails?


You have to inline your images with mail and attach it as attachment.

Here is the example
<img src=cid:test.jpg>

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Thank you for the advice. My problem is that the Bot has to be deployed for other users, who have no knowledge of UiPath nor HTML. They would like to be able to customise the template used by the Bot, which is why a word document is used for generating the HTML template as it is easy to edit. Is there a workaround that could either be coded into the Bot, or some way of adjusting the word document to get the images to appear?


Well i am not sure, but basics of HTML tells me that, if we keep image and word document in both in same folder and provide relative path of image to HTML for this document, it might show up.

For ex.

word doc path = \desktop\BotFolder\Word.docx
Image path = \desktop\BotFolder\Images\image.jpg

Your html will reference to \desktop\BotFolder\Images\image.jpg this path.