Automated automation creation

The tools in UiPath that allow us to use machine learning services and modules are great for creating automations that have ML capability when deployed. But I’m interested if there are any plans to introduce ML into the structure of Studio to allow automations to be trained rather than developed.

The way I see it is almost as an extension or evolution of the recorder. You turn it on and then perform a number of iterations through the process (the more iterations the better the quality of the end automation) and then at the end, out pops a process with inbuilt decision making.

Are there any plans to introduce something like this into UiPath Studio?

Hi @Foehl

We will get there eventually. The core of what you are proposing would seriously shake up the world as we know it :smiley:

But, having said that, some intelligent bits and pieces are coming to UiPath soon enough :slight_smile: (in few areas that you’ve mentioned).


That’s an excitingly enigmatic answer :sunglasses: I’m excited to see what you guys come up with :grinning:

This is the Holly Grail of automation :slight_smile:.


If anyone can deliver it it’s you guys :wink:

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