Automated alert to indicate license expiration prior to expiration

There should be a way to automatically alert the client when the product license is about to expire. This is required to avoid any production outage. It is also needed from client’s audit perspective as they would not want their envioronment to run an application without a valid license.


This is taken into consideration and included on the Orchestrator’s roadmap. In a next release we will have this information per robot.

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We should also show the remaining license days in UiPath Studio Start page.

The expiration date will be available in the Orchestrator.

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Can’t we send an email notification from Orchestrator?

@Cosin yes, such functionality can be included and planned for next releases


my customer ask me about license alert, may I know what Orchestrator version will have this feature?


@andraciorici @irahmat : is this feature available in 2019 release?



is this feature available in 2020 release?

If not, what’s best way to notify in advance about license expiration?

the feature has released

Hi Indra,

can you please let me know on how to configure the email for certificate license expiration.

Hi Sai,

did you config SMTP on your orchestrator and which version are you using ?

Hi Indra Rahmat,

Yes, I have configured SMTP on my orchestrator. I am using 2020.10.1 version.
Do we have a specific configuration for receiving certificate expiry alert or we will start receiving emails when we set up email and alerts on orchestrator.

Hi Sai,

Honestly, there is no special configuration. I have no idea why I have it. I thought maybe because of the version my customer uses v2020.4

Thanks for the information Irahmat

While this is a long awaited feature for Orchestrator, it shouldn’t blast out to all users. Even with alerts toggled for just Jobs and Triggers, this license alert gets sent to everyone:

I assume most orgs have one license expiration date for all their licenses in Orchestrator. This should be aware only to the users with the Administrator role assigned. That’s my opinion.

I hope the next version addresses this.

@Shawn_Ngoh I agree with you :slight_smile: