Automate uploading a file and download the processed output file


I am trying to automate a simple process of uploading a file from a website. However, I am not able to achieve it using Web Recording mode. For my leaning, can anyone advise if web recording is the correct approach?

I then tried using send hotkey tab-tab-tab-tab to navigate to the browse folder button. It works. But how could I proceed from here to choose a file? Also, what if I need to select a filename that’s variable ?

Anyone could provide a sample for me as the uploading facility in itself is quite simple But thought we want to learn some automation too. Thanks !

url is

data-collation.xaml (11.9 KB)



Try this flowdata-collation.xaml (7.3 KB)


In TypeInto you just type : “survey.pst[k(enter)]”

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That’s fast. Could you provide the steps to the next few clicks. As you could see from the screenshot. After choosing the file, the program still needs to choose the Step2 then click on button “Confirm Sub folder” and Step3. I would like to be able to reproduce the same steps for subsequent use. So appreciate if anyone could provide a working sample. Thanks !

Manually also i am not able to click so, how can i perform this from UiPath ?

Thanks @Rashmi

Yes, it can be performed using UIPath. But one would need to attach the survey.pst file which I provided.

This upload facility will then translate the email in the outlook file into forms for downloading. Thanks !

I have attached the survey.pst so that you could click on the to simulate the steps.

I don’t know if what I have done is the correct workflow. I have updated your sample and reached step3. But I do not know how to click on the drop down to select the form.

Attached updated program and survey.pst.

Thanks ! (35.9 KB)

data-collation-updated.xaml (17.6 KB)

@Learning Please fine the attached file below. (397.9 KB)

Thanks. I tried to run but has an error. It seems like it’'s not able to find an image. But the page launched is the same as the url provided.

@Learning Try below file. (397.9 KB)

Another one. Is it becos of the down key. I tried using down to simulate manually. It doesn’t work. My manual entry requirres tab tab … to move from one field to another.

@Learning Get the selector for first send hot key again

Hi @Manjuts90, u mean delete the send hot key activity and add the one with tab for all those that you used with DOWN key ?

@Learning For the first down hotkey, i have given selector. Once again get the selector for same hotkey and try once again.

if above one doesn’t work, use your own method of scrolling the page so that “FormSG” and “download” options are visible.

Thanks. I will try.

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  1. you can change the default download path by modifying the setting in IE, (like to another folder or can give customized path )

  2. for the current user’s desktop path, you can use the following expression - Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.Desktop)

data-collation-updated.xaml (26.8 KB)


here is sample workflow,

data-collation-updated.xaml (57.8 KB)

Thanks @rahatadi