Automate the web service now Application

My requirements is to automate the Service now Web application,my bot should open the service now Application in Web portal.if I have a 5incidents in my quee and I need to Loop the incidents one by one, open the Frist incendent copy the desc field value so my Loop will continue until the last incident.

Please help me to solve this.


Use Open Browser activity to open the web application

You can scrape the selectors of the incidents and you can apply your logics

Hope this helps


If your company has no restrictions on using and installing components that do not have a source code, try to validate that connector.

It would be enough to customize the other things, for example the queues.

The Servicenow API layer needs to be enabled.

Thanks for your reply,

Iam able to connect the service now Web application through the open browser, but the senirio is daily we will receive 5 to 10 incidents.

My t requiremen is bot will open the each incident and copy the desc value and go to SQL server excute the query and captured the SQL screen shot and come back to the incendent attached the screenshot and close the incident.

Day to day we will receive n number of incidents but not excede 5 to 10 I need Loop all this incidents and do the same activity in webportal.

Please send me a sample code.