Automate the process of checking the correct invoice

Dear Guys,

I am a beginner of UiPath, nice to meet you guys!

I would like to know if there is any way to check if the user attach the correct invoice?

(i.e) There are different invoice such as the invoice issued by the company, and the invoice issued for the custom.

We would like to automate the process that check if the user correctly attach the invoice for custom.

Please advise if this can be done?

Thank you so much!

Hi @kristse121,

Welcome to UiPath…

Before I reply, I would ask for following:

  1. How are invoices being received?
  2. Are there multiple variants of the invoices like multiple invoices format issued by the company!!!
  3. The format of the invoices obtained?
  4. The attached copy is scanned or hardcopy?

Hi Shubham,

Thanks for your reply!

  1. The invoice are in hard copy format and scan to pdf file
  2. The format is the same.
  3. Pdf
  4. it is a scanned copy.

Please allow me to elaborate more. The process is to confirm the correct invoice is attached to the ERP system.


Hi @kristse121

You can use read PDF activity to identify but that’s being said the scan needs to be perfect!!!
But I think you are just using automation to check what’s what?
If you want to do a more automation, use a third party tools like Abbyy Felxi or any-other tool to get information!!!

Dear Shubham,

The scanning quality is just fair ><

Um… so the flow is about to check if some specific element of the correct invoice is included in the pdf attached?


Yeah will work, use the read PDF on a few documents and write that into a text file and see if that’s coming correctly or not!!!
That would give you an idea on the same

Thanks so much!

For as it will finally import to the ERP (Oracle), should I use UI Automation?


The extraction of information won’t be that great using that, try seeing on a few examples of extraction from read PDF and see if it’s helping you

I see thanks!

What should I use for the part of importing to Oracle?

Thanks so much^^

You will need to automate the process all together!!! It’s doable I’ll say if you get all the fields required by you!!!

Please click solved answer if your query is solved :slight_smile:

May I know what function should I use for Importing to Oracle?


@kristse121 how do you import right now, I mean if we remove automation?
If the steps are same, it’s can be automatized :slight_smile:

Import = attach the invoice to oracle,


ohhh so an excel is being attached, correct ?
If yes, it’s doable



Please advise what function of UIpath should i use to perform on oracle?

Try using the following steps :slight_smile:

Click on the import on the ERP system —> put the path of the file you have the excel on!!!

Submit!!! Hope this helps :slight_smile: