Automate the Extract First, Middle and Last Name from One XLS to another xls into splitted cells

I have one XLS file with content as multiple rows have the full name. And this have to be copied to another XLS sheet in First, Second and last name. I have the formula to separate but how I can do this automate using UiPath, any help or suggestion?

Programatic way.

  1. Get the 1st excel into DataTable and Create 2nd Datatable with 3 cols (first middle last)
  2. User For Each to iterate all the names
  3. Inside For Each split the Name by space delimiter (Lenth will 2 and 3 if it has Middle Name)
  4. Use Add DataRow to insert above values(#)3 into 2nd Datatable.
    4)Use Write Range(include headers) to write to 2nd excel sheet.

Or if you have macro ready

  1. Use Excel Application Scope with Excel Sheet 1
  2. Use Execute Macro Activity to load the names into 2nd sheet.