Automate software Postman with Excel Application Scope


I am creating a Robot which a need to input data from Excel to the software Postman(1)

The problem is that my Robot does not have error and it’s not working too, see the sequence(2)

I have created the same robot for test but without Excel application Scope and worked, see the sequence(3)

How can I fix this? I have verified everything I could

It seems that there is an error from UiPath, for example i clicked highlight in edit selector and the selector sinelized in the UiPath when it should sinalized showing the Postman app

I have a few tips for you, first, unless you are writing a very smal project and/or you will write values back to excel, you should not write activities that are not for excel, inside the excel scope… Other is that a good selector does not contain the idx attribute, it is very unreliable…