Automate Remote App via RD Web Access

Hi, is Remote Desktop Extension workable for RD web access? My client only allow us to access the remote app thru a web browser for process automation .

Is there any other alternative solutions to do so for RD web ?

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I’m not 100% sure about this… but the remote desktop application will work perfectly on this… but may I know why they want to use the browser instead of the app? What difference does it make?

Hello @Lahiru.Fernando,

It’s about security policy. RD Web allow an IT administrator to determine which apps should visible / launch by users or robot at browser instead of login into the Windows.

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I am in a similar situation.

Was a solution found?

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Hi @josh1

Could you share some more details? Typically, the RDP access is supported with the help of our RDP plugin, but it might indeed only concern the Windows RDP app.

If you could maybe create a new topic that covers your Studio version and some screenshot of what you are trying to achieve, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Hello all,

Even I am facing issue while accessing rd web access and automating an application. It is not able to get selectors for the app even after Remote Runtime exe is installed and the task is started in task scheduler. Please advice on how to deal with this problem.


Any solution for this?