Automate Read-Write Excel sheet and apply calculations

Hi all. I want to manage a database in Excel 2019. I have around 60 types of items listed in column-A and every item has got a manufacturing process, which is listed in row-1 ( Around 25 process types listed in row -1). Everyday, around 15 types of items are chosen for manufacturing and some processes are applied on these. Usually two to three types of process are applied each day.

  1. I want to note the quantity of each item type processed in the form of excel sheet(matrix) on date wise basis. This data will be fed manually. Is it possible that I feed the data in excel and the program automatically read the date, item name, process name and quantity and store it in another excel sheet so that I can read the production today and production till date for a particular date

  2. The manufacturing is on lot size basis for each item. Initially, a certain lot is released for every item. When lot got finished or when it is partial processed, a new lot is added. I want to keep track of lot size as well for each item. I mean, how much is production till date and how much is the lot balance

  3. After a certain month is over, the date should begin from 1st but the data should be continued till the order quantity is completed. It may take 4 to 6 months to complete an order for an item. Till then, new lots are being added till order is fulfilled

Can someone help me please to automate this sheet. So many thanks and good luck !