Automate processes with Amazon Vendor Central

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone tried to automate a process involving the Amazon Vendor Central store websites?
I have created an automation which takes an email (we receive 1-5/day) of a remittance advice, then uses that information to create an .xlsx and also based on a code in the email to find the correct store in Vendor Central (we have 12 at the company I work for), finds that remittance advice in that databse using info from the email and then has to enter each invoice number entry logged there, download a linked pdf (based on the invoice number category the pdf is linked differently each time), do an OCR scan of the pdf, take out certain values (tax numbers etc) and then has to send that info to the original .xlsx file built from the email.
I am starting to go a bit crazy because the email, the pdf, even the tax numbers are not standardized (sometimes they have spaces, fullstops, sometimes they are partially hidden by a watermark) also as you can see the process has many steps and it sometimes seems Amazon uses this lack of standardization as well as popups, multiple codes etc to make the process really hard to automate. Has anyone else experienced this? How did you all overcome these problems?