Automate in SAP using Office Integration

Hi everyone,
does anybody know how to use an Excel-Scope within another Application?

I try to automate steps in an SAP Report, that is shown with Office (Excel) Integration.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Greeting, cnstntn

HI @cnstntn
I hope you mean like excel application scope along the workflow while being in another another application
yes of course, to make sure it runs in background without disturbing the current application, in the excel application scope we have an option called VISIBLE property, kindly uncheck it so that it runs in the background that wont disturb the current application in the foreground
Hope this would help you
Cheers @cnstntn

Hi @Palaniyappan,
thanks for your fast reply!

That´s actually not the trouble I have with my current process, I try to describe it more accurate.

I got a report in SAP, that is shown as an Excel table but without having the Excel application opened. I want to extract data from that SAP report, which is in Excel-Formate, but I can´t use the Excel Scope as I don´t have a Excel File with a filepath.

I hope it has become more clear and you can still help me!

If the excel table is accessible as a element we can try with data scrapping if possible
not sure, but lets give a try
Cheers @cnstntn

I just tried data scraping, but UIPath only identifies the whole Excel-element and not single cells or data.

Any further ideas?

then try with screen scrapping with full text method buddy
you can get this screen scrapping from design menu in your studio
Cheers @cnstntn