Automate Format Picture bar in MS Word

I am inserting an image into a word document and after insertion, I want to do some formatting on it (size, wrap text etc). However, when I select an image, I am not able to access Picture Tools options. I am using “Type Into” activity here. I verified my selector in UIPath Explorer and there it is to be working fine.

This is my selector for aeccessing height option. I have tried multiple options for selector but i don’t think that is an issue.

Kindly suggest.


@Ashish_Maheshwari, there wasn’t any selector attached.

I am using Word 2016. To format the picture after it is inserted, I have to right-click on the image, then add another click (which requires using F2 to delay, so you can actually right-click on the image. Here’s a workflow that I’ve tested on my machine.

burque505 (188.5 KB)

When the image is selected the Picture Tools properties should be in the Menu Ribbons; if it’s not then image isn’t selected or maybe you aren’t on 2010 or later version. If those properties are there then this is my suggestion, use key combinations.

If you press “Alt” you will notice letters appear on the Menu items so if you use those letters you can change the height/width and other options very easily without element vision.

For example,

That will go to the Height property in the Menu and change it to 2 then press enter key.

Hope that helps, cause I really think element clicks can be unstable sometimes.


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@Ashish_Maheshwari, I agree with @ClaytonM that using the keyboard is better than the mouse when possible. I like his suggestions. Here’s a little workflow that incorporates them.

burque505 (187.9 KB)

And thanks, Clayton :slight_smile: