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Since FTP UIPath features are not working, I am using Filezilla for file transfer from local to the ftp server.
Can anyone provide an indication on how to select files from the local and to transfer on the remote server?
Can you please share a sample workflow on how to do that?

thank you so much for your precious help,
Cami :slight_smile:

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@rkelchuri, @Ninett_Panfir, @Rammohan91, @balupad14, @Florent_Salendres, @vvaidya, @Palaniyappan, @ClaytonM, @vvaidya
can you please help me?
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I haven’t used Filzella before buddy
That’s why I didn’t reply
Even I have marked this as bookmark and I m either waiting for some comments as well
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Kindly help us on this

Cheers and sorry again

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Hello @CamiCat,
Assuming that you are able logged into your FTP site using FileZilla, you can use the following steps to upload a local file to the remote site.

I have not implemented this in production, so you may still have to test this and tweak the selectors for stability. This is worked in my test environment.

  • Use TypeInto Activity to set the “Local site” path to navigate to the local folder.
  • Use Send HotKey “enter”.
  • Use Assign activities to build your custom selector. You should replace the filename in your selector with the filename that you want to upload like <ctrl name='" + MySelector + "' role='list item' />.
  • Use DoubleClick activity to upload the file to the remote site.

FileZilla.xaml (7.4 KB)


Thank you so much @karavinds.
Can you please help me in implementing the part of opnening filezilla, open a new connection by inserting hostname username and password and move files?

thsank you so much.

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Hi @CamiCat,
The workflow here gets the FTP credentials, local path and URL from the orchestrator. It will login to the FTP site using FileZilla command line arguments and set the local path. It then checks for file with txt extension in local path and will upload them one by one in a loop.

Give this a try and let me know if this resolved your issue or you need more help.
FileZilla.xaml (21.0 KB)


Hi team,

i too have same use case like this @CamiCat will you please walkthrough me how you are accessing filezilla with the FTP activities like open ftp connection and how can i get all the files from a folder using Enumerate files in ftp activities why that every activities contains configure connection so i have to give all those credentials to use all the activities ?

Could you give me a hand please ? i need to solve this

@karavinds help me !


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will you tell me how can i connect to filezilla using FTP open Connection activity not by orchestrator !! and how can i use enumerate files in ftp activities to get files?

@CamiCat any idea about this?