Automate excel web version

Hello guys I am new to the Ui Bot and trying to automate data from excel web version but facing issue. i follow these steps

  1. open browser (excel file url )
  2. read range workbook (excel file url ) ( sheet1 ) (b2-b10)
  3. then write mess


Hi @manasdas6224

If Your questions is How can automate the excel automation in UiPath web?
In UiPath web there is no option to read the excel by using read range workbook. There is no read range workbook activity in UiPath web.
You can read the google sheets in UiPath web. The UiPath web is only integrated with the cloud Google and microsoft only. Check the below attached image.

Hope it helps!!

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Thank for replying bro
but i think you get it wrong actually i am using ( excel 365 web version ) so how to access the web excel and fetch data

For using Office 365 excel. Use the below activity to read the workbook which is stored in the Office 365 account. Check below Image.

If you find the solution make mark as solution to close the loop.

Hope it helps!!

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thanks bro but can you share the process how to setup in UiPath

my process to access excel in browser:-

  1. open edge
  2. then left side dotted square menu btn click
  3. then all ms office apps