Automate Excel process including PIVOT

HI, currently I want to automate process by human into robot using UIpath.
The assignment including pivot process.

What do you think the most ideal way to do this? by excel app integration or the other function?

please give me some idea? I am new in UIpath.

Hi @Raspi_Erwin

Excel app integration would be the best practice here since there is Get Table Range activity which has the Option IsPivot - When selected, this option indicates that the specified table is a pivot one. By default, this check box is not selected.

Also, you can join the UiPath Academy for free. You will learn a lot of things and will help you better to automate you processes.

Hi ovi, thanks for the suggestion.
I am wondering, i saw a video using UI automation, I just want to make sure which method is the best

How to implement pivot for particular fields in excel using uipath

I am also facing the same issue, Please follow a link,
please give the solution