Automate data loading activity

Hello, I need your help please. I need to automate data loading process where multiple data files are fetched manually everyday from a specific location and loaded into the application for further process. i need help to automate this process. How can it be done with periodic time interval? I would really appreciate if you could suggest a solution or a way i could perform it.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Develop a process that mirrors the human process.
  2. Schedule a job in Orchestrator to run this process developed above.

The information you provided is very broad. Please provide more details

hey @Jarzzz

Basically i am trying to automate the manual process of fetching multiple files from a folder and loading it into our company application for further processing. i am pretty new to this and still learning. I know this is a broad info but that is the only info i could provide.

also can you elaborate more about the steps more, how i can achieve it n uipath


When you say “fetching multiple files” do you mean downloading them from an application then uploading to your company application or are you uploading from a folder to a company application?

the files are stored in a specific folder and are uploaded from that folder to the application

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My company wants to automate the manual process in the application using uipath


Are there other files in the folder that you wont be uploading?

Hope these steps would help you resolve this
—use a ASSIGN ACTIVITY Like this
arr_getfiles = Directory.GetFiles(“yourfolderpath”)

Where arr_files is a variable of type array of string
—now use a FOR EACH activity and pass the above variable as input and inside that loop use a OPEN BROWSER if it’s a web application and mention the URL as input string
Or if it’s a desktop application we can use OPEN APPLICATION activity where mention the file path of the application as input

—then next to this activity inside the FOR EACH loop use a the step that would upload the file to the application like with CLICK or TYPE INTO activity

Then we can do this in regular interval of time by publishing this process to orchestrator and then SCHEDULING it with the help of TRIGGERS option

Cheers @tanvee

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yes there would be other files too that i wont be uploading. Just specific files on daily basis.

Thank you. I would definitely try this and let you know.

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To an extent of what @Palaniyappan said…

However, if there are different files in this folder that you wont be uploading you will need to determine which are the ones you want and which aren’t. For this I recommend establishing a naming convention if not already present.

Then use the…
Where arr_files is a variable of type array of string now use a FOR EACH with an IF Activity. The IF Activity should include the naming convention above. Add the upload sequence in the TRUE section of the IF Activity.

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Thank you. Will try that and see.

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@Jarzzz @Palaniyappan

It would be great if you could elaborate the process step by step as i am still learning and new to this.

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Give what @Palaniyappan mentioned above a go and come back with questions.

I’m all for helping but seeing an attempt made first goes a long way.

I recommend going through the Developer Foundation course =D (

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May I know where you got stuck

I have build the process of moving multiple files from one folder to another. I currently do not have the application loaded in my machine in order to process that. see the below process i created. how can i enhance according to the steps you mentioned?

Main.xaml (5.5 KB)

Hey @Palaniyappan

I tried the steps mentioned by you but i am stuck at this"—then next to this activity inside the FOR EACH loop use a the step that would upload the file to the application like with CLICK or TYPE INTO activity"

on a high level i want to invoke an activity on click from our web based application and then proceed further.

Yah fine once after the open application activity is used within loop we can use invoke workflow that would do the process inside the application with set of activities

Cheers @tanvee