Automate clicking on dynamic web content


I am trying to automate a process where I can build the selector to click on changing data to access a new web page. The steps are 1) copy data from an email 2) navigate through a website and filter using the data extracted from the email 3) using the data, each filtered result will have different data. I’ve tried to go into the selector and populate a variable:

I can’t get that work as it says the robot doesn’t know where to click.

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Hi @schaffer5510
Please share some examples. I think most of your problems can be solved by using an identifier for an active window and maybe recognize what window is active and act on it.
But to give a more accurate assumption a few examples would help.

Sure thing. Here you go:

After extracting my data from the email, I have used it to navigate through my web page and I’ve filtered by the client number. However, under the column “Name”, that company name will change every time.

Why that causes an issue is because the Selector Editor is looking for a specific company name on the page, rather than pulling from a variable:


So then the next time I go to run the robot and have different data for a different company and the search is ran, the robot breaks because “C-tek Insurance Agency” won’t be displayed.

I also tried doing this:
but it did not work.

Does that help at all?

Try removing the spaces. Check if the name is like the one on the page, or try: aaname=‘*’ to get all the clients from Chrome Companies.

Edit: Also, where did “str_client_name” come from? Is that a variable? or from the config/Orchestrator?

Removed the spaces and no luck. And the “str_client_name” is an argument I created to simulate a variable in the selector.

I think that the problem may be the way you are calling the argument inside the selector, since I see that the argument is highlighted in BLUE, the selector may be looking strictly for a text that goes by ‘str_client_name’ and not for the value in the argument.

I may be wrong, but it may be worth a shot.

Please reply if it works or not.