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i have one scenario wherein,bot sends an email using windows id(id - ABCD), suppose some person has left the organization and when we try sending an email to that person it will say invalid id correct? how to handle this exception.
my requirement is if it doesn’t send an email it should catch that and send a n email to seperate team. how to achieve it.



You can check for the response that you get in the mail box and try finding if the mail is sent or not



See if this thread gets you closer to what you want to achieve: How to see if the mail receiver exists

It uses the AD (Active directory) to validate so you won’t have to test an email.

Hope this helps!

Try Catch
├── Try
│   └── Send Outlook Mail Message (or other email activity)
└── Catch (Exception)
    └── Send Outlook Mail Message (or other email activity)

Prasanth Kumar Manivannan


Hi @PrasanthManivannan ,

send outlook anyway going to send email in background, and in catch it is going to catch generic exception not specific to userid exception which is not valid.

Hi @argin.lerit ,

business will not be providing the active directory i believe, this way is will not works for me.

Hi Anil,

yes, your’s way is quite ok for me, but then one question.

in my case suppose for one organization there is 10 userid , suppose 5 email id is not working now, and there are some person in CC which is valid user id , so if To id is not valid, will it send email to CC person?
just in simple terms, If To is not valid email will be trigger? with CC person only, if yes then how they will understand that To person is no more valid in organization?

or second scenario, if 5 has error, then bot will open mailbox and read those recipents names and intimate to other team about this, again bot has to fetch 20 user id for different organization in which 8 is not working aagin it will do same thing, then how bot will understand which email he has already read and which he has to read second time like wise for rest…

or i am asking something different, do let me know pls


For this try sending an email like this…and check if that sends or not…how ever it does…its the same way bot works as well

Try moving the read emails to a different folder or you can delete them as well as you dont need…or you can mark them as read and when frtching emails fetch only unread


so in this case BOT will not tell that To person is valid? if email is sent


Send an email with a wrong to address and with correct cc address and check if you are getting email or not for the cc person…if email is invalis in to one thing for sure is it will send the response gmto you that it is not valid but I am not sure if cc person will get the orginal email or not…you hve to check it on e by sending email like that…because I never tried it


ok, sure will check and let you know.

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Wait for few seconds after trying to send a mail and then get top mail from sent items folder using Get outlook mail messages activity and check if the mail is sent or not in the folder. If sent, consider it as valid address and if not sent, then the mail address is invalid.