Autogenerated Password Protected Excel

Hello Everyone,

Few days back come across a process where we need to automate a excel sheet which needs to be shared among different departments. To save the time I have made a custom activity which provides different functionalities of generating protected Excel sheets with randomly generated password.

This package can be used in projects where the Excel sheet has to be used in a more secure way. Especially while automating the processes where a particular Excel sheet involves interaction with multiple departments.

Highlight of this package is β€œProtectedRange” Activity which will only allows to edit the specified cells or range. The rest of the sheet will be protected with the password.
It is available at marketplace with the name β€œAutogenerated Password Protected Excel”.

Hope this helps and save your time.

Link of package -
Autogenerated Password Protected Excel - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace



Hi @devyani_sharma,
It’s awesome job. Please edit your post and add the link for your package :slight_smile:
Ideally would be if you could place it under our Marketplace. More information here: