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I would like to ask if there is way to autofill column in excel without a specified range. As of now, I have to key in a certain range (e.g. “A2:A33”), but my excel files always vary in its range, so this method is not very useful. Is there a formula I can key in that will enable the system to autofill from A2 to the last column - regardless if it is “A33” or “A140” or “A1200”, for example. Thank you!

Hi @Isyraf_Salahudin

Please try this,

  1. You can read the excel data and store in a data table (dtTable)
    2 And in autofill give range as “A2:A” + dtTable.rows.count.tostring


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Hi @Isyraf_Salahudin,

Please use READ RANGE activity and DatatableVariable.Rows.Count.ToString to know the count of your rows in Excel sheet

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Hi Sir,

Thank you so much, this solution worked.


@Isyraf_Salahudin happy to hear :grinning:, please mark my answer as solution, so it will help others when they search the same query…


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