Autofill an online form

Please let me know if anybody can help me on the below process

  • User lands on a web form to fill

  • The form has fields such as Invoice No, date, Shipper, Buyer etc. which has to be filled by the user, and an option to attach an invoice.

  • When the invoice is attached by the user, it has to be read by OCR (via backend) and all the above-mentioned fields has to be auto-filled with the values read from the attached invoice.

So the bot basically has to pick up the invoice in realtime, extract data from it, and send it back to the user’s form.

Is this doable with RPA? After reading all the fields by OCR (with flexiCapture) how can the data be sent back to customer specific instance, to autofill?

If possible, Can anybody help me on how to approach this issue? Thanks a lot :blush:


I guess Auto fill is not possible.
It will read one by one PDF document and will enter into web form.

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