Autocomplete variables not working in 2018.3.2

Hey all!

The autocomplete for variables does not seem to be working properly in 2018.3.2.

For instance if I’m concatenating a couple of strings I get suggestions for the first variable and am able to arrow down to select a variable but after that nothing. So if I want to type StrVariable1 & StrVariable2 or StrVariable1 + StrVariable2, I’m not getting autocomplete options for StrVariable2.

This happens everywhere. Once the first variable with autocomplete options is placed, no succeeding variables have recommendations to select from.

Is anyone else experiencing this in 2018.3.2? Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing?



I know Arguments will not show the autocomplete, so are you sure they are variables?
I’m using 2018.2 though, so I can’t check it on the updated versions.

Hey @ClaytonM. Thanks for engaging.

Positive they’re variables and it’s really annoying. Definitely not arguments because I’m not invoking another workflow.

I start typing in the Expression Editor and I get autocomplete with the first variable but none after that. I know I have them correct because as I work through the other variables, the little blue exclamation point clears as I complete.

Here’s a short video showing two string variables. You can see no autocomplete on the second and the warning clear.

Variable Autocomplete Not (47.3 KB)

Hey @tmays
I check this in 2018.2 and it does exactly how you describe. So I’m wondering if that was never a feature and only showed the autocomplete on variables when you are not using some expression, like using & or +

I agree, this could be improved, but then again maybe it would be a bad thing… I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Thanks Clayton.

It’s possible I’m losing my mind but I can’t remember having to remember my variable names other than the first couple of characters.

With that said, maybe I should spend a little more time on Lumosity and a little less here. :wink:

Hi @tmays

You are definitely not crazy :slight_smile: There is some code that got lost on the way.

We are aware of the issue and it will certainly be fixed for 2018.4.0 release. In the mean time, you can use CTRL + SPACE while in the input box to display all possible values, with your variables and arguments being at the top.

@loginerror. You don’t know what a relief that is. I thought it was time to put me out to pasture.

Thanks for the tip and Cheers!

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Sorry for the resurrection of this post but any chance this issue has been solved by now? Having the same problem with my version of Studio Pro 2021.4.4 Community License.

@loginerror Would appreciate any info on this matter. Thank you!

Hi @danielctin14

Any chance you could record a short gif of the behaviour? I checked my Studio and it looks to be working just fine, which might indicate some corruption in your installation (or another issue that we will want to dig into)

For example, does it also happen on a new project with all dependencies up to date?


Here you go, uploaded a photo of the Dependecies of a new project and a Gif with what happens if I try to type a variable and afterwards what happens if I press Ctrl+Space (works fine).


Thanks, there is indeed some inconsistency in the behaviour. It looks to be working for simple variables as well, if you don’t use them within an expression. It might actually be intended, to some extend.

Either way, I’ll register it as a bug and we’ll go from there :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Even if it’s not a bug I would appreciate a toggle on/off for it from the settings as I am used to it coming from different IDEs.

Keep me posted, and thank you once again for your time.

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