Autocomplete text issue

I am having autocomplete box in my web page. I recorded the input sequence. Whatever the value I wanted to search I set it to the input box with the help of Type Input activity . Being a autocomplete box , it is expected to show the value in the drop down but no option is selected. What activity should be used to achieve the autocomplete functionality?

@alhad_alsi, This might help

  1. Extract all the values from drop down with help of this,
    6.RPA Challenge - Retrieve items from a combobox
  2. Try to match your string with the extracted text from drop down
  3. Now try typing the matched one you got from extraction

Hope it helps,

Dominic :slight_smile:

Hi Please let me know if there is any specific package for achieving this autocomplete text pick activity. Because I tried to install some packages but the Studio application got crashed. I am afraid of some vulnerability caused by those packages or any compatibility issues are there. Moreover after recovering from the crash the xaml file is not loaded properly and the previous works went vain.

I am using the version 18.4.0.