Auto write or auto correct or auto suggest the activities in sequence and framework of uipath

While developing, developer has to write every time the same activity inside sequence & framework.
But if auto write or auto correct or auto suggest function will be available for uipath activities ,it will reduce the time in developing and also increase the accuracy.
One more benefit will be, it will help the new user to learn fast and code easily without facing the difficulties.

There are a few things you can do in UiPath Studio to help with this.

  1. Mark a frequently activity as a favorite (right click activity in the panel), then it will always appear on the top of the list.
  2. Type keyword for said activity. Some frequent uses: “box” for message box, “write” for Write Range, “mail” for anything email
  3. Modulate the Sequences (right click within a sequence and export it as a workflow) so a lot of common actions or navigation can be reused via a workflow xaml file

Hope that helps!

Hi Chen,

As of now searching is available in ‘Outline’ but i was trying to suggest something like “find and replace with” function.If it is available in uipath,than it can save lot of time while changing the code.

Syed Raza