Auto-update Robot - No versions available in the policy settings

I’m running Orchestrator 21.10.1 and Robots 21.10.4. When I try to set a specific version in the Update Policy Settings, it says No Versions are available… My Robots have internet connectivity but not Orchestrator. What am I missing here? Thank you.

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Your Orchestrator server does not have internet connectivity?
I believe that’s the issue right there. How can your Orchestrator retrieve a list of patch versions if it can’t communicate with UiPath’s servers?

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Thank you for the quick response. I was thinking the same. I just can’t find documentation on how to configure Orchestrator behind an authenticated proxy server… For the bots it was easy, I just have to add it to the uipath.config file. Is it possible to configure Orchestrator with proxy settings?

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Hi Jean,

I’m not sure, I didn’t have to deal with anything like that.
I found that documentation, but I don’t know if it is helpful.

Maybe opening a ticket to tech support would be the way to go on this.

Good luck!

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Hey @Jean_Snyman1

I faced the same issue before few days.
If you are using an offline Orchestrator, you must push the Versions manually, see the Doc here.

If you check the Orchestrator server event viewer you will find errors like the below image

I think you can configure the server proxy to access this URL, Where the UiPath Orchestrator fetches the versions of the UiPath products automatically.

Regarding the proxy setting, I think these actions must be done on the Orchestrator server level, not the UiPath Orchestrator application level, but I am not sure.

Thank you for the feedback.

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I logged this with UiPath Support and they provided me with the documentation on how to configure Orchestrator behind a proxy and this solved the problem for me.

Here’s the links,

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