Auto Uninstall Uipath Studio

Hii, I’m New To UiPath studio , I installed UiPath Studio Community edition on vm box Windows system because our system is Linux based system .so UiPath studio working fine from last few days but now I tried to start the VM to open UiPath Studio, but the exe file was not found, and also uipah studio is also not found. Why It’s Happened ?. Please help me to resolve the issue.


Is the vm getting refreshed for maintainance for time to time?

I believe the primary image that is present for vm box was not having UiPath …so when refreshed the vm and reimaged …it got deleted

Please check the same



There is no auto uninstall with UiPath installer file
So basically it’s with the environment

U can check with logs to have a view on the history when and who ran what commands to install or remove any updates

Cheers @ashwini.mali