Auto scheduling robot


Is it possible to program a robot to auto scheduling a task with windows task sheduler ?

I’m monitoring hourly some aplication and if some error occurs i want the robot to create a new task for 10 min a head. is this possible ?

Diogo Nunes

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Hello there,
Agree :+1:
I was looking more of adding new activities which enable to configure the scheduling from studio itself.
@ovi any thought on this.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hello ddpadil,

Well i supose that “Agree” is for the first question. I have a trouble when i select the task manager window. For example when i try to click in the image of the action button the robot can’t capture the image of this button.

This is making sense to you ? i would like to understand why do i have this problem ?

Diogo Nunes

Hello there,
ok so your going with task manager .Did you give a try with sendhotkey. :slight_smile:

Well since i only have BOR it is my only option i think. Well yes i did but it fails because i can’t catch the image (selector) for the task manager interface.

This is what i get when i try to catch the image of the task manager when i try to run the open aplication function.


For the hot key, I did a chain of hot keys this way :

win key → write task in the empty field to look for → enter

And this open the taskmanager, but after i can’t use the hotkey in it because i can’t indicate on screen the task manager image.

I couldn’t get the process step.
Could you please explain in brief in step by step and what you need to do so i can assist better.


win key to open


here i will input the string “Task” in the Search programs and files on the picture before.


I will press enter to get inside the task manager

Inside the task manager problema5

i will press alt + A to get in the menu . Here is where my problem start because this hotkey doesn’t work.

Inside the hotkey i can’t indicate on screen the task manager it seems he can’t get the image.


Cool .Now i got it. :wink:
small thing ,hotkey suppose to be small case (a not A) but how ever as per you requirement you need to choose File->New task from the menu for that try below.

  • Use type into and pass this “[k(alt)][k(down)][k(enter)]”
  • or you can do with 3 send hot key
    please refer attachment make sure task manger is foreground.
    taskmanager.xaml (10.5 KB)

I’d recommend using something like Dan Hall’s task scheduler managed wrapper (which coincidentally was used in UiPath in the old days) to make custom activities for this task.

Dilip, do you mean activities which configure the Task Scheduler in Windows?

If that’s the case, since we don’t offer support anymore on Task Scheduler, I don’t think it’s even considered. And if it’s about configuring Schedules in Orchestrator from Studio, there is also nothing planned(as you’ve probably seen Badita’s answer for the new Orchestrator Activity Pack in another post), i think mainly because you create Schedules only once(and modify them rarely).
But we’ll keep in mind the triggering/scheduling possibility.


So this problem keep without a solution ?

What OVI said it seems the truth because there is no interaction with the uipath trough Windows Scheduler.

Hi Diogo,

Not anymore. We don’t support that feature since we are focusing in making the Orchestrator scheduling experience better with every release. No one can stop you from trying to use Windows Task Scheduler but we just don’t offer support if you encounter any issues.


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Well thank you alot.

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