Auto Fill Range : File Name is read only and cant be overwritten error

Hello Guys,

I am facing an uncertain issue, by uncertain I mean this error is faced out of the blue moon and is resolved without any changes.
I am using Autofill range activity to drag formulas in columns, its working fine but few time it gives be AutoFill Range: File Name is read-only and can’t be overwritten error and creates a new file. i.e if the filename is abc.xlsx it creates abc(1).xlsx and fails.

I cant use write cell since the client has asked not to use predefined formulas from the bot.
and also it’s uncertain doesn’t fail at certain rules …
P.S. The excel is licensed and running the unattended bot in a licensed studio/orchestrator.



Are you using Macro or invoke code for auto fill ?

Hi @ermanoj3101 ,

I am using auto fill activity by uipath which requires excel scope application.

AutoFillRange.xaml (5.5 KB)

Try using this invoke code and don’t forget to pass the respective arguments.
Let me know if you face any issue.


Hi @ermanoj3101 ,

Cant use vb code in production

Then it’s hard to resolve this as sometime uipath activity creates such issues when excel edit mode is disabled.

Not the best approach but you can check if new file is created then bot delete that file and retry again excel app to execute AutoFill.

Hope someone have better solution to resolve this.