Auto confirm excel validation messages

I am trying to use the copy sheet activity whereby I copy a table from Sheet1 to Sheet2. However, the data from Sheet1 has references which causes excel to prompt a message such as “Dat_1 already exists. Click Yes to use that version of the name…” with Yes or No buttons. This message will appear many times and I was wondering if there was a faster method to press the yes button without recording over 30 times clicking on the Yes button.

EDIT: Going through the process with Step Into shows that it doesn’t make it past the Copy Sheet activity so adding any extra recordings/functions at the end won’t be able to interact with the confirmation message. So now I am kinda lost with what approach to take with this sheet copying. I have been taking a look into other activities such as the Copy Paste Range, but that one requires me to add the SourceRange which I want to be dynamic.

Hi @anon5199880,
Just a suggestion, try Parallel activity to take care of the pop-up (Click Yes).


Hey man that worked perfectly thanks :+1:

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