Auto Click on dynamic link and then search for textt

I want to automate the steps that can allow me to click on all available link under the “BULLETIN” (which is variable , maybe this month got 3 links, next month will get 5 links…)

after pressing the link , in this page

I want to select the link of “
and visit the site

is it possible to do that?

Hi @Andy_Chow

You can try data scrapping here

Then you will get the link what the count it may be,

take a For each loop with the above data table and launch browser with the hyperlink then you can do next.



How do i store the output from scrapping?

I successfully done the data scrapping and found the data with link is output to the extract data table, is it anyway to ask uipath to open the link one by one?
or I need to pass the data to excel first, then ask uipath to get the link one by one in excel?

I passed and saved the detail to the excel , which is two columns now, with links on column B.

I try to use read range to get the link back to uipath in order to ask uipath to open the link for me. But I dont know what to type for the output of “read Range”