Author field when publishing a project


As of now the studio defaults to the publishing user when it comes to “Author(s)” field of the package

Would it be possible to add a field in either project setting or package properties that would enable custom “Author(s)” value?



Because companies do that :slight_smile:


You do not necessarily want to publish as you personally regardless of what type and purpose of the library is.

There’s a few aspects to that.

  • Looks better and more professional
  • If you publish to internal (and guarded) nuget feeds, having say ACME Group IT as the author helps reassuring end-users those are genuine and internally approved libraries

Current options

  • for libraries built via Visual Studio you set that in the project config
  • for libraries built via UiPath Studio you have to use nuget package manager to edit those values post-built

Why not have it in the studio directly

It comes with the name of the robot user connected to the machine from where you are publishing it…
try to publish from your local as a demo and verify it is the same…


I stated that in my original message

As of now the studio defaults to the publishing user

So, naturally, the user I’m logged with. And rightly so - I’m publishing, so it makes sense for the studio to default to my account. This is not the point though … It’s not about the default value but lack of possibility to overwrite it when publishing.

As I mentioned … there are some easy ways to change that value manually post-publish … but ultimately it’s always better to fix the root cause :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. Added to our tracking tool.

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