Authentication Popup

Hey there!

I wanted to ask the community on how they handle “unexpected authentication pop-ups”. To explain:

I have a process that on a very first step, it asks for LDAP username/pass. It goes through 10 pages, and it repeats the process for 7000 accounts.

We are having an issue where, at random, we get a pop-up for username/pass at, let’s say 7th page or 5th page. We could, for each page do an “if an element exists” but that will delay the process as it has to wait for the pop-up to appear.

The idea we had is, could we, somehow, build a listener as part of that workflow, that constantly checks for the pop-up without interrupting execution. Thoughts?


Did you tried parallel activity to handle pop up?
Invoke two workflows in parallel one is to process and the other is to handle pop up for pop up keep element exists with timeout ms 100 and handling pop up inside a do while loop till the process completion take a variable to assign the process completion status and based on process status keep the condition in while loop to come out of loop.
I’m not sure whether this will help you or not but give a try. Sorry if you already tried…

Thanks @pathrudu, that is exactly what we were thinking as well, but we’ve had some issues with parallel activity and memory last time we tried it (still on 2018.1).

Was posting this to figure out other solutions that we didn’t think off (this was only one we did) :slight_smile: - thanks for suggestion.

Any other ideas?