Authentication failed when running project created with an older version of Studio

Dear all,

I updated the Studio to 2018.3.3 recently and receive the following warning when running project created with an older version of Studio.
I can run the project without any pop up message before the update.

Hi ,
have you clicked on “continue” ?
That will trigger the migration of the xaml to the new version, you only have to do it once.
Once that process is over you must confirm if any error occurred:
Project and output tabs (check for red lines)

Thanks, actually there are three pic, i received the top one first, once i clicked on “Continue”, then i receive the Authentication failed message.

Hi @itmonster999

What was the previous version of your Studio?

Hi @loginerror, i really cannot remember the previous version… is it possible to run the old projects with my current version? Thanks so much.


Yes it is possible to Run old projects ( created < 18.3) with newer versions of Robots without any changes. When opening Projects (created < 18.3) in newer Studio versions one needs to go through the migration process (just press Continue).

Regarding the credentials if you are using TFS/SVN you also need the credentials.


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