Aurora Application (Java AWT application) Data scrapping issue

Hi All,

We are trying to automate the aurora application for invoice processing. This application works only in ie and with java 7 or below. We are able to do typeinto activities into the individual fields in the application. But when we try to scrap data (Data Scrapping) from tables in the application I am getting the error “Attribute Not Supported by the current UiNode” while selecting the second element .

PFB the table that we are trying to extract

Also I tried to extract data from the text fields. Only OCR was able to fetch me the text. Is there any

Any one has faced the similar issue?

Hi @rahulraj987

It might indeed be tricky to use the Data Scraping with fields that aren’t inherently supported (it works wonders mostly in the web automation scenarios).

Have you tried Screen Scraping wizard with the full text option selected that is pointed at the entire screen (or parts of it)? Additionally, the selector itself might contain the value of your desired field. In this case you can also try Get Attribute activity and fetch that attribute with the value.

I tried screenscrapping with fulltext - nothing got extracted from the table. Find element when used with OCR is the only way I can fetch from table or any element on the screen. Using the OCR throughout will be 100% accurate? or will it have its on error percentage associated with it?