AuditLog Format of each and every activity status

i am creating one automation scenario like directory creation, File creation,Open Url,Type a passowrd,click on status and capture status entire result.
i have done automation step by step. Now i want to show to the client how it is working step by step in a below format(for the audit purpose one automation process done)

{ “Directory Creation Initiated”:“Directory Created Successfully” “File Creation Initiated”:“File Created Successfully” “Open Url”: “Opened Url Successfully” “Write a Password”: “Password entered correct” “Click on Button and open Status result”: “Status result captured successfully” “Main Bot Started”: “Main Bot Running” “MainBot End”: “Main Bot End”}

Any one knwos how to do this above one…

Everytime, the requirement you have is to convert text to JSON. do onething, store all the values and keys you have in a string array. then loop through the array and append the double quotes before and after each string and based on key or value, if it is a key, append semi colon in the end and if it is value, append comma(,)

and for the entire string flower braces in the starting and ending @sunilraju