Attribute value

Hi uipath users

How do i write if i want to get the value of text to be greater than 0? To be written in attribute value for wait attribute activity.

that usually takes STRING VARIABLE or STRING VALUE with it
i hope that must be issue here
can you go to the blue mark in that activity so that we will be able to know the actual error
kindly share that screenshot if possible

Cheers @haziqh

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I believe you can directly use Get Text activity and then if your text only contains numeric value then you can convert the variable to Integer and then compare the value with 0.

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Can you kindly let us know whether you want extract a value and compare or something else?

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Im waiting for my application to load finish , once finish it will extract the text . I use get text activity such as value = * . It works but it did not take any value . Any advices ?

Could you show the screen from where you’re extracting the data? Is the value returned empty or is it throwing any error?

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Extract the data after it loads completed