Attended to Unattended


I have a process to automate where the bot has to get a human business approval which is making the bot to wait till the approval happens. I do not want the robot to be locked up by the process running end to end for an approval.

One I am thinking of is to somehow send an email with options Approve / Disapprove links or buttons and stop the current process. Once the buttons are clicked, it has to trigger another orchestrator process to continue.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance

Hi Joice @enoondusandeepa

There is a more elegant and perfect solution for your problem statement: Long Running Workflows!

Essentially, your robot will send tasks off to Action Center (within Orchestrator) to be approved/rejected by an Orchestrator user.
The user can action the tasks on their own time, and a parallel-for-each loop waits on all tasks simultaneously, picking up whichever task is completed by a user, to take further action on the item.

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Wonderful! Will try out and update! Thank you!